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Metalfree workstation construction

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Contamination-free sample preparation

Our corrosion-protected and particle-free workstations are characterized by their modular construction. Various combination possibilities allow you to arrange your individual work environment. Each workstation consists of three modules:

  • Head module: controls ventilation system with purified laminar flow
  • Center module: individual workspaces and front gate variations
  • Base module: customized base for additional stowage or leg room

The metal free design enables contamination-free sample preparation of the highest level for instance in trace analysis or in semiconductor research.

Modular design horizontal ventilation system © MK Versuchsanlagen, Germany

In addition to horizontal laminar flow workstations, we also develop and design vertical laminar flow plants, individually designed to meet your needs.

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Modular design vertikal ventilation system © MK Versuchsanlagen, Germany

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