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Transfer System Tester

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Leak test of transfer systems

The “Transfer System Tester” can be used for leak testing of transfer systems of any size. Due to the flexibly adaptable closure unit, the Transfer System Tester can be adapted not only to beta ports, but also to alpha ports and other transfer systems.

Within a few seconds, the smallest leaks are detected with the aid of the pressure drop test. The parameters required for the measurement are individually determined and configured in our laboratory for each Transfer System Tester.

The intuitive operating element allows easy operation. The display shows all relevant information, such as the current measurement status and pressure. When the test is completed, the result is displayed.

“Transfer System Tester Connect” with integrated WLAN

The Transfer System Tester is also available as “Transfer System Tester Connect” with integrated WLAN and optional RFID recognition for software-supported testing of transfer systems. This means that the full functionality of the GITS®4 software developed by MK Versuchsanlagen especially for WLAN test procedures can be used for leak testing of transfer systems. This includes the administration of recipe parameters and users, the creation of PDF measurement reports and identification using RFID. In addition, integration into life cycle tracking is possible via the GLCS® software.