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Wet / Dry Bench

Wet / Dry Bench


  • Front sash with distinct settings
  • Light curtain
  • VFR connection supply and exhaust air
  • Slack rope protection
  • Lighting
  • Pressure monitoring for workspace
  • Temperature control for exhaust air
  • Signal lamp (LED) and acoustic signal
  • PLC control
  • Supply air filter acc. according IOS class

Optional features

  • Integrated hatch for the units
  • Plug in for heating plates
  • Media supply acc. customer requirement
  • Operating device for media supply (hand, foot or panel)
  • Ultrasonic bath
  • Exhaust air scrubber and exhaust air irrigation
  • Underfloor flushing
  • Partition
  • Plug ins for temperature control
  • Remote maintanance acc. customer requirement
  • Air ioniser
  • Quick Dump Rinse Tank
  • Process tank
  • Sink

Data sheet wet / dry bench pdf download