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Isolator vertical

Reliable product- and operator protection in the pharmaceutical industry

We provide customized interface-solutions for your existing isolators and RABS plants to increase your productivity. Those serve as link between different systems, that means they connect different systems specifically to the concrete situation. At this we bank on a perfect interaction of stainless steel and plastics. Thus an individual plant arises, directly at the customer´s place. We provide solutions both for large in-house and small research plants.

Isolator Vertikal


  • Sash with tubular motor
  • Light gate
  • VSR connections supply and exhaust air
  • Slackline protection
  • Lights
  • Antechamber + working chamber pressure monitoring
  • Signal LED and buzzer

Optional additional equipment

  • Media supplies
    1. Socket outlets / supply of external devices (only after testing)
    2. Distillation connection
    3. TAE connection
    4. Drain tap / basin (various variants)
    • Control units for media (hand, foot, display)
    • Millipore
    • Ultrasonic basin
    • Exhaust air scrubber / Exhaust air sprinkler system
    • Underfloor flushing
    • Filling station (various variants)
    • Tightly closed sidelocks
    • Integrated PC + keyboard
    • Dropping
    • Spot extraction
    • Supply / exhaust air filters of various types
    • Remote maintenance / BMS connection
    • Connectivity by temperaturemonitoring