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RP Dr. Christoph Ullrich visits top companies in central Hessen

Visit to MK Versuchsanlagen in Muecke – Efficient solutions for cleanrooms

One of the top companies in Central Hessen introduces itself to a prominent guest (from left to right): Michael Keil (owner of MK Versuchsanlagen), Andreas Sommer (Mayor Muecke) and District President Dr. Christoph Ullrich. © RP Giessen

18.9.2019 Giessen/Muecke. “We have many top companies here in Central Hessen that are on the move with innovative ideas – but we have to talk more about them.” Dr. Christoph Ullrich, President of the District Council of Giessen, regularly visits the region to find out how companies not only strengthen the Giessen RP district with its five districts between Limburg and Schlitz, Muenchhausen and Hungen economically, but also make Central Hessen more attractive through their presence. This time he worked for MK Versuchsanlagen in Muecke, which is a leader in solutions for so-called cleanrooms.

The company, which is “a genuine family business”, as owner and managing director Michael Keil explains right at the start of the tour, creates the best quality in modern cleanroom technology with its work and thus guarantees the protection of people and products. In many industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry or food production, work and production under cleanroom conditions are essential. The glove testing system, which is another core business of MK Versuchsanlagen, is also connected to this. In order to work in cleanrooms and to ensure that no impurities can get into them, the company works with attached gloves. With the company’s glove testing system, it is possible to check quickly and accurately whether they are tight.

According to the company owner, the company has been on the market for “30 years” and has developed strongly in terms of topics, space and personnel. It all started with five employees who focused on biotechnological plant construction on a pilot scale for research purposes. The company continues to develop: the product range for pharmaceutical interface solutions is expanded, metalfree cleanroom technology and workstations follow, safety systems and innovations in plant construction are further developed, modern 3D production plants are designed and its own hardware and software are developed.

In the meantime, more than 80 employees work for the company, which Dr. Dirk Rosencrantz from the management describes as a “world product leader”. Owner Michael Keil is certain that they will “continue to grow”. Particularly in the area of glove testing systems, the company is “two years ahead of the other companies and thus attractive for the world market, but also as an employer in the region”.

District president Christoph Ullrich, which uses itself also in its function as chairman of the association central Hessen registered association for the increase of the identity of the region central Hessen, said during the tour: “I do not only surprise today, but again and again, which companies are resident in the region and which for products these manufacture.” Christoph Ullrich was particularly impressed by the glove testing systems.

The district president was accompanied by Andreas Sommer, the mayor of Muecke.

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The regional management Central Hessen GmbH strengthens and markets the economy and university location in the center of Hessen. The shoulder conclusion from economics, science and politics is active in the topic fields infrastructure, education and specialists as well as research and innovation.

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MK supported ultra-athletes Sven Franke in the charity run for sick children

The official ones of the Ambulanten Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst Gießen are keeping their fingers crossed for Sven Franke (2nd from right) for the 44 kilometres Zugspitz-Trail-Run-Challenge. vlnr. Kevin Leinbach, Dr. Susanne Egbert and Anette Weitzel-Lotz with the sportive children’s hospice supporter Sven Franke

In July 2016 police officer Sven Franke (2nd from left) started at the 44 kilometre long Zugspitz-Trailrun-Challenge. Under the motto “Running for children” he was concerned about the good cause. In recent years he has collected over 30,000 euros to support the outpatient children and youth hospice service. The coordinators of the aid organization Kevin Leinbach, Dr. Susanne Egbert and Anette Weitzel-Lotz find the commitment of the policeman accordingly outstanding.

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